The Best Way To Layout Warehouse Racking

Organizing a warehouse properly is crucial since it will have an impact on how efficiently orders are fulfilled. A properly organized warehouse allows employees to work more efficiently, reduces the number of mistakes made when fulfilling orders and provides employees with a safer working space.

The layout of the warehouse racking should be designed so that employees can easily move around and carry items. If some items need to be transported with lifting equipment, the design should accommodate for the use of these machines. Ideally, popular items should be stored in racks with plenty of space to move around and pick items so that several employees can access these racks and complete orders without getting in each other’s way.

The ideal layout for warehouse racking should be adapted to the type of items stored and to the picking method that is used by employees. Concentrating a large number of warehouse racks on a small space makes sense if an employee is responsible for picking the area and fulfilling several orders. On the other hand, if you have employees work on one order at a time and expect them to move around the entire warehouse to pick all the items, your layout should be optimized so that employees can easily move from one rack to another.

The size of the items stored in your warehouse is another thing you need to consider. If some large items that are not popular need to be stored, leaving plenty of room to get these items out should not be a priority. However, large items that are often purchased need to be easily accessible.

The best warehouse layout depends on how your warehouse is organized, what kind of products you sell and how employees pick products from shelves. Create a design that is adapted to the unique needs of your warehouse and look for ways to improve it.

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